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Laurence C. Kennedy, Advocate

Recommended by The Legal 500

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Laurence Kennedy, Advocate

Legal 500 Recommendations

"An effective advocate in court, and excellent in an advisory role"

"An outstanding property litigation junior."

Testimonials from agents

"Laurence is professional and client friendly. His preparation is thorough and his knowledge of the law impressive. He is able to focus both the action and the client on the relevant issues of the dispute. As a result clients are impressed and confident in their legal team's ability."

"We have always appreciated his low key, no nonsense approach. He is able to cut through the personal issues and get straight to the legal heart of the matter. He is always willing to help, no matter how stupid the question might be! His non-Edinburgh centric approach is also really useful for us."

"I have been delighted with the services that Laurence has provided to date, and would have absolutely no difficulty with recommending him to any of my colleagues ..."

"Laurence is bright without being pompous. He is not afraid to give robust advice, and has excellent client management skills. He is equally at home on his feet in court when necessary, where clients appreciate his grasp of their case."

"Laurence is user friendly from a solicitor's point of view. He keeps in touch and is pro-active. He has good people skills and generates a good rapport with clients. He is not afraid to litigate if circumstances dictate but by the same token has the ability to take a pragmatic approach to any problem."

"Friendly but highly professional manner at consultation, and highly competent in court."

"Laurence has the ability to identify the key issues and work through them with just the right balance of academic ability and practical experience. His opinions are given in a manner that is clear, logical and easy to follow for both instructing agents and clients alike."

"Perfect for those situations that require a flexible and informed approach. Laurence can be relied upon to be well prepared, giving attention to detail as well as the wider picture. His usually direct advice is always tempered by his personable and approachable manner."

"Laurence is pragmatic, supportive and thorough ... He advises on the relevant angles while still giving an opinion rather than sitting too firmly on the fence."